AEW Wrestling Roster, All Elite Wrestling Complete Information

AEW Wrestling which means All Elite Wrestling. AEW Wrestling is an American Professional Wrestling Promotion founded in 2019. AEW consist of all elite wrestlers. As a new Wrestling TV show, many wrestling fans are searching for AEW Wrestling Roaster. So here we bring you the AWE Wrestling Roaster and all the necessary information that we need related to AEW Wrestling TV Show.

The AEW Wrestling has a partnership with China's Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE) and Mexico's Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA), So it is believed that wrestlers from OWE and AAA could be seen on AEW wrestling.

AEW Wrestling Roaster All Elite Wrestling
AEW Wrestling Roaster All Elite Wrestling

The All Elite Wrestling is announced by Shahid Khan and his son Tony. We will also get to see  Cody Rhodes, Matt and Nick Jackson and  Kenny Omega as an executive and professional wrestler in All Elite Wrestling.

The All Elite Wrestling will begin from October 2019 as per the current news report. The AEW show will be coming on tv for 2 hours weekly. It is announced that the AEW show will be telecast on TNT in United State and on CBS sports.  AEW has the good financial support so it is believed that it will be competing with non-other than WWE.

Male - AEW Wrestling Roaster: 

Here is the list of AEW Wrestling Roaster for male. All the AEW Wrestling Wrestler name with respective pictures is provided below.

Adam Page AEW Wrestling Roaster
Adam Page
Image Credit: Lordsofpain

Angélico AEW Wrestling Roaster
Image Credit: Sescoops

Brandon Culter AEW
Brandon Culter
Image Credit: worldsportsbox

Chris Jericho AEW
Chris Jericho
Image Credit: wrestling-online

Christopher Daniels AEW
Christopher Daniels
Image Credit: whatculture

Chuck Taylor AEW
Chuck Taylor
Image Credit: lastwordonprowrestling

Cima AEW
Image Credit: prowrestlingsheet